Partnering Return on Investment is often quite attractive since the investment in a partnered initiative is shared.  In other words half of the resources or costs are on your partner’s balance sheet.  There are other organizational advantages as well which become apparent when a build/buy/partner analysis is conducted.  These advantages are often related to external expertise that would require time and expense and sometimes at great risk to acquire organically.


Access to complementary skills and knowledge ranked equal to Leverage of external resources having been selected by 61% of the alliances in our research.  Going back to the definition of alliances, this is how value is created more efficiently than going solo.

Speed time to market is a key value as well which can be gained when a partner has the skills and resources that can be leveraged instead of needing to build from the ground up.

Partners can provide proven capability. This can extend to innovation efforts where  a partner may already have a technology or IP .  You are spared the risks, costs, and time for development. It can apply to access to markets where you do not have to build a reputation or distribution network.