Sleeping with the Frenemy

or How to Build Successful Partnerships with the Competition as published in In the complex landscape of today’s business ecosystems, it is almost inevitable that companies with a large network of partners are, in fact, competing with some of those same partners. This has given us "co-opetition," a term that is derived from "cooperative [...]

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Making Partner Managers Winners

Investment in Talent to Grow and Innovate To many organizations, alliances and strategic partnerships are “the new way businesses grow and innovate,” particularly as they experience a rising profile within the C-suite.  As partnership alliances become an increasingly important source of innovation for companies, they are integral to future success. One study cites that 51% of [...]

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Creating Value from Innovation and the Role of Alliances

Innovation takes many forms.  We often focus on innovation as technological breakthroughs and indeed those are important to fuel corporate growth.  But there are other forms of innovation which can be just as powerful and just as disruptive to the status quo in creating strategic competitive advantage.  Innovation in operations, in business processes and in [...]

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Collaborative Capability

Certification assures Collaborative Capability: Taking Partnering to the Next Level I was fortunate to be featured in an interview for the Marketing Thought Leadership series with Linda Popky, Marketing Master and recently named one of Silicon Valley's Top 100 Women of Influence.  In this podcast interview, I was asked to speak about the growing recognition [...]

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Social Media and Partnering

Social media hype is everywhere. We are deluged with it on-line. We see it on TV. Our kids are absorbed by Facebook. The State department even requests that Twitter delays maintenance to ensure continuity in the information flow from civil unrest in Iran. Even as we are coming to grips with Social media - socially, [...]

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How are Partner Managers using Social Media?

Findings from a Survey Conducted by Phoenix Consulting GroupWe asked twenty partner managers What is social media? By far the most common response was Good Question! After a thoughtful pause, we heard social media were tools that enabled users to communicate, to build loyalty, to collaborate and to listen. Its an opportunity to have communities [...]

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Driving Growth through Win-Win Alliances

What do you think of, when you think win-win? Most business people will interpret that as "I win and my partner wins". Unfortunately quite a number will behave differently: "win-win means I win twice!" This, as you can imagine, does not produce sustainable partnerships. Smart business people will not stick with a losing proposition and [...]

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Collaborative Innovation: Leveraging Partnerships

"Collaborative Innovation: Leveraging Strategic Partnerships for the Global Playing Field" Sunday, March 30, 2008 BlogTalkRadio: 6:00 p.m. Pacific/9:00 p.m. Collaborative innovation is rapidly becoming a key differentiator for organizations. But as enterprises rush to take advantage of global opportunities without effectively playing the strategic alliances card the risk of stifling innovation increases. Join Dee McCrorey, host [...]

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Strategic Alliance Secret #4 Success Begins at the Top

A successful alliance program begins at the top with the support of the CEO. Like many other things, the CEO influences company culture, models the behavior, and sets the priorities in collaborative relationships. CEO support and that of the CXO staff fosters the environment where alliances can thrive and deliver results. When you look at [...]

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Secret #2 Build, Build or Partner

Does your organization have a clear discipline in determining which strategy to pursue to achieve an objective? Build? Buy? or Partner? If you answered, NO - you are in the majority. Unfortunately. A few organizations do, however, and one Proctor & Gamble has had excellent results for exercising that discipline. In the year 2000, they [...]

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