Alliance and Collaboration Capability

Collaborative capability is recognized as competitive advantage in today’s demanding business environment. No one can go it alone. Aligning your partnering strategies with your corporate vision and business objectives will enable you to create more resilience in your value chain, expand to new markets, reduce risk and cost in operations, or provide greater value to your customers through innovative products and services. As experts in collaborative business models, PhoenixCG can help transform your business into becoming more competitive and effective in managing your partnerships.

Alliance Advisory Program

Engage Phoenix Consulting as your in-house alliance advisor. We will be available to you and your alliance leads like a concierge on call. This option is ideal for the alliance team that wants access to a trusted advisor on an ongoing basis.  You’ll be able to access Phoenix’ team of alliance experts to review planning and strategy for alliance programs, discuss issues and concerns as they arise, or to engage in discussions about industry trends and practices. The choice is up to you. The program includes an initial planning meeting to determine expected outcomes and results, followed up by monthly updates

Collaborative Capability Assessment

Learn what’s needed to take your most important business relationships to the next level. Phoenix Consulting will benchmark your current alliance management practices against the key performance criteria of high performing alliances. You will benefit from specific, high impact recommendations that will drive more value from your strategic business relationships.

Building Collaborative Capability

Corporate collaborative capability is bigger then good alliance team.  It’s integrating the ability to collaborate into the fabric of the organization with alignment to strategy, best practices processes, leadership and competencies.  Our deep involvement with the International Standard for Collaborative Business Relationship Management means, we can help you implement the framework to support success on all critical success factors whether you are seeking to certify or seeking to achieve the benefits of consistently high performing partnerships.

Impact Stories

Open New Markets

A consumer and desktop software company adopted a new partner ecosystem strategy to enter the enterprise software market.

Drive Innovation

A major networking company launched a platform for innovation for technology partners and developers.

State of Collaboration

Gain insight into best practices to proliferate as well as identify the most impactful issues to remedy.
“Phoenix Consulting Group more than met expectations in delivering a comprehensive partner alliance strategy and execution plan for the company to capitalize on its foothold and broaden its penetration in the global trade management space.”
Chief Marketing Officer, Open Harbor