About the Phoenix Consulting Group

Phoenix Consulting Group was founded in 2002 on the vision that companies could achieve accelerated growth through the virtual economies of partner networks.  Partner networks are  sources of innovation to extend your company value proposition to new markets of customers.  We believe that organizational transformation to collaborative business models will define competitive advantage in a global economy.

Seasoned professionals with practical experience

Phoenix Consulting Group draws upon the most current best practices in managing collaboration combined with seasoned, real-world, practical experience.  All of our consultants have many years of practical experience in your shoes, being accountable for results.  We understand how to implement strategy, processes, policy, and to lead change.  We partner closely with you to ensure that our recommendations fit the company culture and recognize there are real world implications to execution.

PhoenixCG consultants have all invested in becoming professionally certified with the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP).  Many of our consultants have played an active role in developing the certification by serving on the ASAP Standards Advisory Board and the ASAP Professional Development Committee.  These roles position our consultants to be leaders in advancing best practices in collaboration and partner management.

Partners and Affiliations

Phoenix Consulting Group stays on the forefront of partnering best practices through our alliances and affiliations. We actively partner with organizations that bring more collaboration capability to our clients.

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