Ecosystem Design and Optimization

Optimizing Strategic Assets – Ecosystem Value

Businesses compete through their network of relationships whether it is a supplier network providing operational efficiencies and cost competitiveness, a go-to-market network of distributors, resellers and influencers or a community of innovation partners who add value to your platform and products.

Your ecosystem of partners, alliances, channels, developers, and strategic suppliers is a strategic asset for your company.  We have deep experience in architecting partner networks for growth, innovation, or new market capture.

Architecting Next Generation Ecosystems

Driven by digital disruption, many organizations are rethinking the nature of their partner ecosystems, striving to address the changes in customer-centricity and how customers consume technology.  We have helped many companies rearchitect their partner programs and communities to address cloud delivery of their applications and services.  Programs need to address the evolving business models of partners who sell or influence sales, innovate and sell value added intellectual property on your platform or provide deep customer expertise in the application of technology to business transformation.

Customer-centric Approach

Our approach begins with understanding your customer. What problems are they trying to solve? What business outcomes are they trying to achieve? What does success look like? We work backwards to understand what is the role of the partner in delivering a compelling customer experience. Then design the ecosystem strategy and program to optimize partner engagement, profitability and growth in a way that optimizes your value in partnering.

Impact Stories

Architecting for Growth

One of the world’s largest enterprise software organizations rearchitected silo-ed partner programs to scale innovation and revenue through their partner ecosystem.

ROI of Loyalty

The leading on-line payments company was able to increase partner commercial influence by identifying the most impactful loyalty drivers.

Focus on Partner Experience

Our client adopted and implemented our top recommendations to build a compelling partner experience.
“Phoenix Consulting Group was instrumental in our design at SAP for the new partner program. I brought Phoenix in to help with our fundamental design along 36 perspectives to deliver a next generation framework for SAP. Quickly, the team was able to get up to speed and add incredible value and insight on topics ranging from requirements for participation through to cutting edge enablement offerings to blue print designs of our PRM system. We had limited time frames for the board review and the attention to detail was never lost as we evaluated what was best for SAP, market trends, and cost models required for execution.
SAP Global VP, Software and Technology Alliances