Launching a blog for Phoenix Consulting Group in the midst of Pottermania has been a hoot, to steal a phrase from Hedwig. Looking for a blog name, I investigated everything Phoenix and found everything Harry Potter. Trying to get clever, I tried the current spelling Phoenix Pheathers which was available for a blog, but is hardly unique on the the stage of the world wide web. Again, many Potter sites and one disturbing site for Deviant Art. But there I am – toe in the water. This week I am in New York working with the American Management Association with my non-profit hat on, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. We are preparing for a webcast “The Top Eight Secrets to Managing Successful Win-Win Alliances and Partnerships” It’s not quite as catchy as “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, but it will do. There have been at last report 1300 registrants. Still not much competitive threat to J.K. Rowling, I’m afraid. So what are the Eight Secrets?

  1. Winners Collaborate
  2. When to Build, Buy, or Partner
  3. Success Begins at the Top
  4. Success is not an Accident
  5. Alliances are NOT a Deal
  6. Culture to Collaborate

If you miss the webcast, here is the archive link. Meanwhile, I believe I have the topics for the next eight blogs. And why eight? I’d actually started out with “Five Things You Should Know” but when discussing the title with AMA, they advised that they already had a quite a few seminars with five things, and seven things, so that left eight. And eight secrets because it is more intriguing than “things”. Now that’s marketing magic.