Traditional learning and training paths are based purely on gaining knowledge. The assumption can be made that with knowledge our employees and partners can be more successful. And it is true. However, the missing element comes when this knowledge needs to be applied through experienced judgement. Partner managers will only be as successful as their ability to use their knowledge effectively.

Skills development takes both ongoing coaching and practice to ultimately lead to mastery and predictable success.  Learning by doing is nothing new to organizations. The challenge is when this learning is taking place on the job. The time it takes for an employee to learn by trial and error can be extremely costly to the organization and the strategic partnership as a whole. By providing training that focuses on developing skills, your partner managers can be “partner ready” from the first conversation. This is also true when we look at enabling our alliance partners to act as an extension of our brand. Whether they are negotiating on your behalf or selling and supporting your products, it is imperative that they know how to collaborate and communicate effectively.

One approach that has been used in certain industries for many years is certification.  By engaging channel partners in training you can also incentivize them through achievement levels, turning training into a career progression tool instead of an annoyance. People naturally fall back on what they feel most comfortable doing. By enabling your partners and your partner managers to collaborate effectively through training, these skills translate directly into confidence, leading to stronger partnerships and greater impact to the bottom line.

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