State of Collaboration

Gain insight into best practices to proliferate as well identify the impactful issues to remedy


A global organization was seeking a way to motivate their largest partners to work in a more strategic and intentional collaboration to drive revenue and customer value through service offerings.

PhoenixCG Approach

We conducted assessments with both partner employees and client employees working in the alliances in six regions, evaluating the level of collaboration in key functions such as sales, marketing, legal, finance, and operations.  We evaluated collaborative capability by the degree of maturity from ‘no collaboration’, ‘foundational’, ‘systematic’, ‘proactive’ to ‘strategic’, addressing awareness, governance, metrics, resources, and other dimensions of partnering practice.

We uncovered systemic issues and best practices within each of the alliances evaluated.  This enabled the client to put actions plans in place based on our recommendations to address shortfalls as well as to proliferate best practices.

Client Value

One of the prevailing issues we uncovered was that many of the regional staff in partner management and in sales did not have a clear understanding of the value proposition offered by the alliances and so were not leveraging their full service capabilities.  This prompted the client to drive more training, communications and engagement between the local alliance teams in the regions resulting in better collaboration and an uptick in service revenues.