Drive Innovation

Launch a platform for innovation for technology partners and developers


The leading networking equipment manufacturer wanted to encourage innovation and new applications through their technology partners and developer community. One of their challenges was meeting the needs and expectations of eight business units for a common developer and partner community.

PhoenixCG Approach

PhoenixCG led the program team through an audit process that revealed gaps in their current offering with respect to world class leaders in developer programs.  We worked with the client in developing the new program and operational model that would fuel growth and innovation in the ecosystem.  We engaged them in a messaging exercise to align the business units on a common vision and position the developer program for recruitment.

Client Value

We delivered a partner strategy mapped to the innovation strategy of the company, a roadmap for execution and targeted messaging for the recruitment of innovators to their program. Program was successfully launched at the company’s annual summit and the client was able to recruit developers and deliver innovative third party solutions to customers.