Focus on Partner Experience

Creating a compelling partner experience to drive engagement, build loyalty, and generate revenue


A leader in cloud computing was revamping their partner program and wanted to better understand the partner experience in engaging with them.  Their program had grown organically and they wanted to build stronger, more productive relationships with their current partners and to attract new ones.

PhoenixCG Approach

PhoenixCG reached out to the partner community to understand their current experience and benchmarked their feedback against the other leading competitors.  We also researched and benchmarked the digital experience against leading consumer companies since they are setting the expectations  and the high bar as to how to engage, build loyalty, and generate revenue in the online world.

Client Value

Client has adopted and implemented our top recommendations to build a compelling partner experience.  Partners who proactively engaged were generating revenue within 90 days.

  • Cultivate an outside-in culture, view the world from your partner’s perspective. Create partner listening programs, surveys, focus groups. Actively and frequently engage with partners in one-to-one conversations.
  • Provide in-context help in the manner partners want to consume it. In other words, provide help specific to deal registration if that is what your partner is trying to do at the moment. Provide help in multiple modes: online self-help, email, chat, phone with predictable response times.
  • Extend support capabilities to include concierge services to high-value partners. Ensure they always have someone to call and help navigate the breadth of services and benefits available to them.
  • Create a structured, guided, 90-day digital journey from first touch to first sale and beyond for continuous engagement. A partner’s experience in the first 90-days will determine their life-time value and loyalty to your company.