Complex versus Complicated?

I was recently asked if partnering is complex or complicated. This had me stumped because I had always thought of these terms as synonymous. So I did some homework. I found a great article from MIT Sloan that gave me a good working idea of the differences. Here it is in a nutshell: "Complicated problems can be [...]

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Are You Easy to do Business With?

Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) is frequently cited as a key element in successful partnering. In my business, I often find that partners cite that they partner with the Big Brand Gorilla in their market because they have to—customers demand it. But if they're given a choice, they will lead with the Challenger Chimp, a [...]

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Nurturing Business Ecosystem Maturity

Digital business models are revolutionizing how leaders conduct business. This is not just a technology industry phenomenon but one that reaches across industries. With your car having more computing power than your phone from ten years ago, is there any doubt that many industries are heavily technology dependent? Understanding how digital business works makes it [...]

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Are You a Trusted Advisor?

As published in In the world of ecosystem partnering, everyone clamors to be "the trusted advisor," often without fully understanding what that means. Not every partner in your ecosystem can lay claim to that role—a role that, as it turns out, can be multifaceted. It’s possible to claim that role at a strategic level [...]

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Do you have a Recession Strategy for Alliances?

Is there a recession on the horizon for 2023?  Some economists say we are already in one and many others are predicting one for the coming year.  Still, other economists point to a growing GDP.   I'm not an economist and would not be foolish enough to enter my prediction.  Though I do like Fortune magazine's [...]

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Why Partner Experience Should Be Part Of Your Customer Experience Equation

As Published in Great customer experience (CX) fuels revenue growth. This statement sounds like common sense—plain, simple and supported by many studies over the years. However, it takes on new meaning in today’s world as analysts, sales leaders and executives alike agree the customer journey has forever changed. CX is the crucial element that [...]

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How Do You Know If Your Partner Ecosystem is Healthy?

as Published in As companies move inexorably to ecosystem business models, this drives many changes in how we conduct business. One of the more elusive aspects of these new models is evaluating how we know they are working. How do we measure success, and what KPIs indicate a healthy ecosystem? Traditional metrics used for [...]

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Do you know why you need a Repeatable Delivery Model?

Getting to scale means creating repeatability in the business and for your partners In our continuing Partner-Ready Series, my colleague, Gary Lam and I have repeatedly underscored the importance of creating a repeatable sales model. Here, we give you more in-depth information on the impact of a repeatable delivery model for your software. We also [...]

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Post Pandemic Partnering or “Are we there yet?”

as Published in -  Even before Covid-19, many leaders often commented that we were experiencing a disruptive business climate. Oh, little did we know. This climate has often been called VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The phrase started with the U.S. Military to describe the new world order or rather disorder after the [...]

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