Where should alliances report in the organization?

This is a question I am frequently asked and one for continual debate. As far as I know there is very little published work on this topic, only fleeting references on the challenge. My opinion: there is no perfect answer but the best answer relates to what are you trying optimize? Functional silos tend to [...]

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Secret #1 Winners Collaborate

In the Eight Secrets webcast, we reviewed some research data indicating that higher performing companies were extensive collaborators. Here I'd like to share some thoughts behind a fundamental change in attitude towards collaboration and partnering that I've seen in past few years. Some years ago, companies would express their reason for partnering in terms of [...]

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Eight Secrets Update

With great relief, I can report the "Eight Secrets" webcast went well. The producer and technical staff at AMA made it easy. The producer commented it was well attended and one of the best received webcasts they have done in terms of the feedback survey results. Whew! Here is one of the viewer feedback comments: [...]

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