The Social Channel - Why You Can't Afford to Wait

Posted: 7/12/2012 by 13

Social media represents substantial opportunities for companies to directly engage with prospective customers to drive new B2B or B2C sales. Most organizations, whether small or large, are starting to use social media to communicate to and work with customers, prospects, partners, analysts, journalists, and other influencers. Unfortunately, channel-centric companies that sell through intermediary sales channels usually don't have close relationships with their end customers and have yet to find ways to leverage social media to reach out directly to new prospects and existing customers.

Channel-centric companies like Adobe, Acronis, Avaya, Avnet, Cisco, Dell SonicWALL, Norton by Symantec and Plantronics have all now started to amplify their end-user messages with social media through their own channel partners. Results are showing improved partner engagement, increased lead generation and amazing post click-through rates. Over 70% of our customers' partners not only have one but more than one social media account and an average of 200 followers for each of these accounts. These partners are crying out for good, meaningful and relevant content that adds value to their customers and prospects. Typically, partners do not however have the time, money or knowledge to create that content or even sift through their vendors' social media accounts, blogs, RSS feeds, emails, etc. to find the appropriate news for their customers.

Partners consider vendors the experts in their products and therefore, are looking to their vendors to help them deliver value and worthwhile content to their social media followers and connections. Vendors should provide a regular flow of meaningful information that is simple for partners to find, edit and adopt as their own on their own social networks. This is why it is essential to have a social media syndication tool such as purechannelapps that provides an easy way for partners to receive the type of information they (and their customers) want, when they want it and to subsequently repost it as their own.

By leveraging the trust that already exists between partners and their followers, you can expect substantial increases in lead generation and conversion.

So what's holding you back? Get your social media content syndication put together now and start delivering YOUR content to YOUR partners and let THEM reap the rewards with THEIR prospects and customers.

About our Guest Blogger

Michael Cotton


Michael Cotton, VP of Sales and Marketing, purechannelapps, has over 20 years' experience of direct and indirect sales management within the high technology industry. A proven leader who has the ability create and implementation a sales strategies on a global basis to drive high and sustainable growth.

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