Social Media wants to be Free

Posted: 6/18/2013 by 13

Have you stopped your employees from pressing the send button or answering the phone? Hopefully not, but if you trust your employees enough to communicate so readily over email and on the phone, isn’t it time you gave them more freedom to communicate via social media? What about your most trusted partners? Why not help them to correctly communicate your message to ensure consistent messaging and larger reach.

Social media shouldn’t just be the narrow domain of your marketing department. It is for everyone, at least everyone who is involved with your customers – and your brand values are at their strongest when they are humanized throughout your organization and partners.

Before a panic attack kicks in, just hear me out.

You want to create one brand, one voice for your organization, right? A unified, influential and inspiring voice that drives positive associations for everything you stand for. Your employees and partners are ready and waiting to help you achieve this….

Think about the multi-level relationships between your organization, your customers, your sales teams, and your channels (resellers, dealers, agents and other influencers). You trust nearly every individual in your organization to communicate ‘with common sense’ on a daily basis – so why shouldn’t Charlie in Channels, or Steve in Sales become part of your social media voice too? They are all very likely to have significant LinkedIn networks. It’s not as much of a challenge as you might think. To do this, your people will need two things:

Common sense and content.

Common sense comes from employing the right people in the first place; underpinned by a social media ‘policy’ that gives them the support to ‘speak’ within parameters that work for you. Secondly, you need to empower your employees with the right content, at the right time, relevant to their followers so that they are able to post to their social media networks with confidence and ease.

So keep the email and the phone for now, undoubtedly they still are invaluable if privacy and confidentiality is required, but maybe it’s time to entrust more of your people with one social media voice that lets your organization shine.

Have look at social content syndication tools for your employees and sales partners. It’s a new solution… a radical one… an option that will change the way you market through your solutions.

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