Match Your Leads to the Best Suited Partner

Posted: 6/19/2012 by 11

How do you correctly match leads to the best-suited partner sales reps? This matching process is important yet tricky to execute. Leads should be allocated to partner reps that are qualified and knowledgeable about your products and your customers' businesses so that your company is represented in the best light.

Start by putting your best-in-class lead management tool to the test. Your system should provide you the flexibility to configure both manual and automatic assignment of the lead. In addition, you should be able to offer the lead to a pool of eligible recipients (pull distribution) or a specific person (push distribution). We will be exploring more about the pros and cons of these two very different types of lead distribution in an upcoming blog.

Automated distribution helps make it easier for you to target the distribution of leads to recipients. In order for successful matching, you will need to configure your distribution process. Distribution rules can be fairly generic or very specific.

Typically Distribution rules evaluate based on the following:

  1. Lead criteria - priority status, source, create date, lead amount, proximity, product.
  2. Partner/Recipient criteria - certifications, partner program membership, roles, etc.
  3. Both opportunity and recipient criteria.

For example, a general rule might distribute all opportunities to partner opportunity pools. A more specific rule might distribute high-priority opportunities that are scheduled to close this quarter to Gold-level partners in a preferred partner program. You also might want to develop different automated distribution process to distribute opportunities that are generated from different sources such as leads from a trade show versus your corporate website.

Once there is a match, a recipient is sent an email alert at which time the recipient can either accept and become the owner or reject the opportunity, in which case it is returned and can then be redistributed.

You can also configure a specified time frame for an opportunity. For example, how long an opportunity is offered to a recipient before it is redistributed or how long a recipient can sit on a lead to before they receive a reminder.

And remember, the more accurate person data you have in your system and the more defined distribution rules you have, the higher probability the lead and person will be matched up successfully ensuring a higher likelihood there will be lead follow-up. And as with any process, continue to evaluate your process as there are always areas for improvement.

About our Guest Blogger

Lisa HeydornLisa Heydorn, Professional Services Manager at Requisite Software, has over 15 years of experience with channel operations in high-tech, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. She is a proven leader with strong skills in project management, customer service, execution, and on-time delivery. At Requisite, Lisa is responsible for the Channel Management solution.

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