How Do You Manage Training Certificates with an ever Changing Workforce?

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Have you ever had an employee with a valid certificate leave your company only to find out later thatCertificate it negatively impacted your level in a Partner Program? Were you quickly scrambling to find someone else within the company to study for the exam and pass it before you could take advantage of the benefits again? And were you also confronted with the reality that ‘not all employees are equal’ – some are more competent in one area than another and not everyone passes the exam the first time around.

A certificate is associated to a person not the company. This means a person takes the certificate with him regardless which company employs him. A company, however, has a vested interest in who has a certificate and whether or not it’s valid or expiring soon because this certificate may be counting towards a vendor Partner Program requirement. This can mean real financial value and tangible benefits to a company.

With today’s workforce, moving from one company to another every couple of years is not uncommon. And typically, these certificates are valid up to 3 years from the certified date. So, how do you identify whether a certified employee leaving your company will negatively impact your company’s level in a Partner Program? Or how do you ensure that the new hire with a valid certificate gets accurately counted towards your company requirement.

The answer is two-fold. First and foremost, it needs to be a part of your HR hiring and exiting process. You need to ask the employee and document the information. Also, if your company is paying for employees to be certified, the company should mandate employees to use their business email address when signing up for the exam. This will allow for easier tracking based on company email domain.

Secondly, reach out to your vendor to provide this information to you. Your vendor typically is keeping track of all this information. Many vendors have sophisticated systems that auto-generate emails 30-60-90 days prior to certificate expiration. Inquire whether you can be added to the list for your company. Ultimately, the vendor, company and employee should all be accountable in this process.

In summary, the more open communication around certificates with both the employee and vendor, the more informed your company will be and will be less impacted by the ongoing changes because the processes will be in place to catch the things that fall through the cracks. In addition, it’s about planning and covering your bases. It’s important to stay at least one valid certificate ahead of the requirement. This will hopefully ensure that you have the next person trained and certified BEFORE you fall below the vendor requirement.

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Ann Trampas

There are also partner programs where it is not a requirement for employees to hold certificates; however tracking them and having a significant number of team members who hold them can be a quite an advantage. It is indicative of the employee and the company commitment to professional development and competence. Wouldn't you rather work with individuals or companies that value it? It will make your job easier in managing these relationships.In addition, it is an investment that the company makes by paying financially and in time, for the training and certificate. In both cases, requirement or advantage, protect it.

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